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What’s free at a clinic?

And what costs?

Zambia has a number of government-run clinics as well as private clinics that offer medical treatment. There are also rural health centres and rural health posts.

Treatment at any government-run clinic or health post, as well as any medication, is free. The free services include diagnosis, medication and treatment, family planning services, antenatal and postnatal support, HIV counselling and testing, ARVs, TB treatment and dental services.

If the clinic does not have the medication you need, you may (rarely) have to buy it at a pharmacy. Private clinics and doctors require payment.

You will get a clinic card on your first clinic visit. It will have a personal reference number on it. The clinic will have a book of all reference numbers so that when you next visit, they can see your medical history. But don’t worry, this information is kept private!

All the government clinics in Zambia are meant to offer the same health services, however this is not always the case. Some may be short of staff, equipment and infrastructure so you may find your nearest clinic does not have the service or commodities you need, and you may have to travel further.

Most facilities in Zambia have Youth Friendly Services or desk to cater for the needs of young people. Currently, the Ministry of Health is rolling out an Adolescent Health Programme which will make sure you get all your rights at health facilities without any problems.

Your first stop is always your nearest clinic. You can find one by using the Tune Me Clinic Finder at the bottom of the page. Look out for mobile clinics visiting your area.


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