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Why do girls say no?

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More and more young people are choosing to abstain from sex - this is according to a recent Facebook study. The study, which collected the views of young girls, showed that a large number of them were opting to stay virgins and a large number of those who were sexually active, were choosing to stop having sex and to become celibate.

Among the top reasons why they're choosing to do so is:

1. Religion.
Quite a few of the girls said that they desired a closer relationship with God. They expressed the desire to be more deeply involved in their respective faiths.
2. To gain clarity.
Many girls admitted that sex "clouded" their judgment and made it difficult for them to leave bad relationships. One girl interviewed said that not having sex with a guy allowed her to think more clearly, and see a guy for who he really was.
3. It's safer.
Some girls said that if you are just dating and not having sex, there is lesser chance of getting attached to the wrong person AND you don't have to worry about pregnancy or STI's.
4. To avoid frogs.
"When women close their legs men pay attention," said one. The girls were unanimous in saying that taking sex off the agenda separated the good guys from the bad ones. One girl said that it is sure way to weed out the guys who were not serious and were only looking for a lay.
5. To save it for Mr. Right.
Some of the girls said they were holding out for Mr. Right and that they wanted to "make love" and not just have casual sex. One girl said that sex is a gift that is only supposed to be unwrapped by your husband.

Dating has so many more things to it than sex. Sex comes later in the dating game. Choosing to abstain from sex is definitely the safest 'safe sex' option. No debate! How do you feel about abstinence?


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Sex it has nothing to do with a relationship if you have find a right partner be it you have sex or not if that person he or she has come to stay that person will stay if not he/she will live you.

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If us young person's don't abstain from sex 10 to 15 years from now there is a likely chance of us marrying persons who will having 2 to 3 kids and these individuals can be carrying STIs and other sexual transmitted diseases which may end up affecting your health...let's abstain and avoid doing or copying what others are doing in their dating life

1 year, 11 months Ago Report

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It's true we should not copy what others are doing

1 year, 3 months Ago Report
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