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Stay Safe From Rape

Street Tricks to Fight Back and Stay Safe

Rape is an attack and it can happen to a boy or a girl. But it often doesn’t happen on a street or with a stranger. Most often a rapist is someone you know. It doesn’t matter who it is, rape is a violent crime. Your first goal is to get away from the rapist and get help.

Here’s how to stay safe:

Rape is a crime and it is never your fault. Your first goal is to survive the attack or get away, and then get help.

Think that rape happens only with a stranger? You may want to read below:


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Rape is always without consent. meaning its forced sex. it is important to always be cautious and monitor the other persons moves. For example, maybe after a good day, watching a movie you now find yourselves alone, there are advances one makes to lure the other to have sex, this maybe through sex talk, gestures or actions, and if you are not ready for any of that, its important to ask to leave because the other party may not take no for answer hence force himself or herself on you.

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Rape is an accidental sex with unknown person

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