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CityPrincess - “I get a lot of sex"

"You want me, don't you?”

I have a guy friend, Twaambo. Every time he meets a girl, he secretly thinks this: I get a lot of sex - you want me, don't you?

And it honestly seems to work for him!

The other evening, we were having a conversation about how many sexual partners we've had. I know this guy gets around. But I wasn't really expecting him to confess he's had so many he's lost count!

Maybe he's just lying to boost his ego (you know how guys can be). But every time I speak to him, he's going on about his latest sexual adventures.

Recently he even told me a secret: he claimed he’d had sex with six - yes, that's what he said - SIX women in one night.

He says he always uses protection but that's not the point of this story. The point of this story is that if my friend, Twaambo, was a girl, he would be called ‘loose’ or a ‘slut’. But here he is, puffing his chest out and proud of the fact that he sees so much action.

Is it because he's a guy that he can get away with it?

So later that night, he starts to flirt with ME! Did he really think we would move from the club to his apartment? No way! Not happening, dude! I guess he just doesn’t realise that his sexual promiscuity is a major turn-off.

It's not because I worry about being dumped the morning after. The issue here is that it just puts me off when a guy has had too many partners. I think he’s got to be dirty down there.

So instead of coming over all victorious when you guys claim to have bedded all the girls in the block, remember that most girls find it disturbing and unappealing.

Sleeping with multiple partners - often without protection - is one sure way to get an STI or HIV. Take responsibility for your sexual health.


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abstain if possible or condomize

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Thise guy is cazy. I think thise is addiction or he is being used by evil spirits because the girls he is having sex with come from different families and follow different religions and they have differernt beliefs. So this guy must be really sick he must go to find help from doctors or go to postors for prayers

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