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Erection Talk

How to Handle it

When you get an erection your penis fills with blood, becomes hard and sticks out. You've probably had this since you were young.

An erection can be caused by many things – touching or playing with your penis, when you have exciting or sexual thoughts, if you’re feeling nervous about something, or for absolutely no reason at all – which can be quite embarrassing! Sometimes you’ll wake up in the morning with an erection. All boys get erections – even small babies. Your penis will go soft again on its own or after you ejaculate (when your penis releases semen through the tip).

During puberty, you may struggle to control when and how you get an erection. You may even get them at embarrassing times and in public! Don’t panic, there are ways you can hide it! Try sitting down, putting a backpack or book in front of your erection, putting your hands in your pockets and thinking about something that will make it go away. The more you panic, the longer it’ll stay hard.

Your penis may want attention but it does not have to be used every time it stirs! Remember this when you come into contact with a girl.

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Its really embarransing when you have an erection in public

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thts vry true

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