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Self-esteem builders

Try these fool proof tricks

It can be easy to focus on the things you don’t like about yourself. Especially if you’re feeling sad or insecure. You may dwell on them and think there’s nothing good about you.

But that’s definitely not true!

Need some help discovering the good stuff about you?

Ask yourself these questions:

Still struggling?

Take a look at these words and pick the ones that feel the most like you:

considerate, good listener, diligent, good cook, reliable, funny, fun, helpful, healthy, proud, resourceful, loved, a good friend, smart, animal lover, kind, active, creative, talented, strong, responsible, determined, organised, friendly, gentle, a leader, financially responsible.

You’re with you for life. So treat yourself like you would your best friends. Keep your list of your answers and chosen words close for whenever you’re feeling bad.

Read some tips on how to understand your feelings here:


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