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Mr Right: He got her pregnant

So who’s to blame?

It's funny how we always talk about equality as if men and women are looked at through the same eyes. In the real world they are not. The world we live in is far from ideal.

My friend, Chitundu, became a dad this month. His girlfriend gave birth to a baby girl. Chitundu seems quite happy. But then it's appropriate for him to be happy. Why wouldn't he be? The toughest thing for him was telling his parents what he had done.

This is usually the case for guys.

But it can be different for girls. If she doesn’t opt for an abortion, she has to deal with carrying the baby and might have to drop out of school, all while people give her looks of disapproval. And after the child is born, many guys stop seeing the girl as a ‘girlfriend’. They just see her as someone's mother.

The guy often does not have to deal with any of this and doesn’t pay much of a price unless he good enough guy to pay child support or if he is a ordered to pay child support.

So it's quite clear to me that men and women are far from equal. And I don't think it's right. It takes two people to make a baby. So if you're going to pass judgment on the girl, you should do the same for the guy.

Do you think Mr. Right is right? It is often easier for a guy to walk away from an unintended pregnancy than for a girl, especially if she lets him. If you decide to give birth and keep the baby, an unintended pregnancy may limit your future. Rather work hard and stay at school - you will get further in life.


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Having a child in your own home is better than disappointing your parents with a unplanned baby

1 year, 9 months Ago Report

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Gals we are the one who feel more pressure and the weight of having a child so have a child when you know that you are ready

1 year, 10 months Ago Report

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