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MyStory: I’d rather stay hungry

No money from boyfriends

I am in Grade 11 at an all-girls school. I’m very shy and don’t have many friends. Definitely no boyfriend. My family is poor which makes me even more unpopular. Being poor makes my life a lot harder.

I don’t fit in with most of my classmates. I listen to them talk about their boyfriends and how they give them money. They can buy themselves girly stuff and they always have food to eat at lunch. I can never afford the nice things they have. And most days I have to go hungry at school while my friends are feasting.

But I think it’s better not to take money from a man. I think they give money because they want stuff like sex in return. I see the other girls and I know what they do with these men. I don’t want to end up with a disease or baby so I will say no thanks. I’d rather be hungry.

This TuneMe reader is right that many men want sex in return for gifts or money. But the risks for young girls is so high. An older man is more likely to have HIV or an STI. That puts you at risk! Avoid older men. They’ll promise you the world. But give you problems instead.

This story was written by Tune Me community member.


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The sacrifice you are putting in your school days, one day will turn to success ❤️ believe me

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